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Root Canal / Endodontics

Root canal treatment is the only way to save a tooth that has been badly damaged, due to decay or infection. It involves the removal of infected nerves and dental pulp and the deep cleaning of the inside of the tooth, which is then sealed back. Despite this, the treatment is shrouded with numerous myths that often end up scaring patients.

If you have been thinking about root canal treatments, read on to understand the benefits of the treatment.

Myth: Root canal treatment is going to be very painful.

Reality: No it is not.

Since the condition (severe decay/infection in tooth) that requires root canal treatment is painful, people often associate the painful experience with the treatment. A typical endodontics treatment is only as painful as the replacement of a tooth filling.

Further, at Greencastle Dentistry we make the experience even more stress-free for you by letting you choose from an array of safe sedation options. You can relax in the chair, both before your endodontics procedure begins, and during it, knowing Greencastle's most trusted dentist is working to save your teeth.

Myth: Root canal treatment is costly.

Reality: Not it is not.

At the stage when your dentist will recommend the option, you have only two choices

  1. Root canal,
  2. or
  3. Extraction and subsequent dental implants.

The former is the cheaper choice of the two. Not only that, it is better.

Root canal treatment saves your natural teeth structure, which is the best choice from an endodontics point of view. Unlike hair, nail or skin, natural dentine once lost are lost forever. Further, once extracted, missing teeth lead to a host of other oral and dental problems.

Myth: Root canal treatment is not safe.

Reality: Oh it very much is!

The average success rate of root canal treatments lies between 80 percent and 98 percent. Guess how much it is at Greencastle Dentistry? 98 percent! Only the most knowledgeable and experienced endodontics experts perform the root canal treatment at our facility.

They restore your natural teeth in a fast, effective and pain-free manner so that you can retain your natural smile, continue eating the foods you like and maintain the natural appearance of your face. Since they have years of experience performing root canals, they do it right the first time for you and eliminate the need for any rework.

To help you resume normal life and function as soon as possible, they finish the treatment in one or two sittings only. Along with that comes the guarantee of high durability. Root canals done at Greencastle Dentistry last a lifetime!

Put an end to all that pain today! We'll relieve your pain, save the natural tooth and return your natural smile with effective care and comfort. Give us a call now!