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Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are commonly used dental fixtures that help resolve the many problems that may arise when you have a missing tooth. Many individuals hesitate to opt for these believing that the process is an expensive one. However, the truth is that given the many benefits that you stand to gain from these prosthetics over the long term, it is quite reasonable to describe them as affordable options. The cost of the bridge depends on the number of pontics (artificial teeth) it covers; the more the pontics, the higher the cost. There are several other factors that impact the cost of dental bridges, such as:

The bridge fabrication method:

Some dentists use digital technology to fabricate the bridges. Typically these may be costlier than the regular bridges that are fabricated in dental labs. Of course, the digital technology allows the dentist to create these bridges faster and the entire process may be completed in one single sitting.

The procedure:

For a crown supported bridge fixture, the procedure is typically simpler than when it has to be implant supported. The former may be a cheaper option.


The choice of material impacts the dental bridge cost with materials like zirconia or specialized porcelain coming in at the higher end. However, these materials are also resilient and last a long time so the higher cost may still be quite a worthwhile investment.

Another aspect for you to factor in is your geographical location. Dental bridge fitting is costlier in some places than in others. Typically, the costs may spike if you are getting your dental work done in a highly urban area or a major commercial district. To get an idea of what you should expect in terms of dental bridge cost call us at Greencastle Dentistry today.